• Air Canada says they are dropping the phrase, "Ladies and Gentlemen" from their in-flight announcements, out of respect for gender fluidity.
  • "Sunday Night Football" took a sizable hit in early ratings, with the NBC broadcast recording what looks to be its smallest audience of the season so far by a significant margin, dropping 23%.
  • FOX News anchor Harris Faulkner has been hit with a discrimination suit by a former makeup artist. He was allegedly harassed because he's young, gay and Hispanic and was eventually fired after reporting the harassment.
  • Why tweet once when you can tweet hundreds of times? Disney+, its upcoming streaming service, just pulled off a clever stunt: In an epic tweetstorm, it spent hours tweeting out posters of movies and shows that will appear on its service, starting with 1937's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."
  • According to Popular Mechanics, if you paint Zebra stripes on your cows to keep flies away, you'll reduce bug bites by 50 percent.
  • Apple just removed Hong Kong protesters' go-to app, saying people have used to ambush police and threaten public safety.
  • Scotty Bowers, known as the "Male Madame of the Stars" died this week. He was 96.
  • Almost immediately after Jennifer Anniston joined Instagram and posted a "Friends" reunion picture, the platform crashed and wouldn't let anyone actually follow her. @JenniferAniston
  • Sean Spicer has lost 17 pounds during his time with "Dancing with the Stars."
  • A former NASA scientist is claiming that we actually discovered life on Mars 40 years ago. He must watch "Supergirl."
  • Is it just me or are NFL referees having a tough time doing their job this year?
  • A Boston University study says every year a person plays tackle football, their chances of developing CTE go up by 30%.
  • So we know some of the cast of the upcoming "The Batman" movie. Robert Pattinson as Bruce Way and Batman, Zoe Kravitz will be Catwoman. Jonah Hill is said to be in talks to be a villain.
  • Jane Fonda says she plans to get arrested every Friday to help bring attention to Climate Change.
  • A new season of "Jack Ryan" gets underway November 1 on Amazon Prime.
  • The three month electric scooter experiment in Chicago came to an end yesterday. They're going to pass.
  • North Dakota has been named the most haunted state, based on the number of ghost sightings or claims that a house/room/hall/school is haunted on Twitter and the population of the state.
  • Danish brewer Carlsberg says they are developing a paper bottle made of wood fiber.
  • Pope Francis I accidentally tweeted support for the New Orleans Saints by using #saints.
  • Harley-Davidson has halted production and deliveries of its new LiveWire electric motorcycle after reportedly discovering a problem with its charging mechanism.
  • The XFL draft was held yesterday and today. They're still going to make it happen.
  • MSNBC host Chris Matthews is recovering from prostate cancer surgery.


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