Did you know that your personality is written all over your face? In fact, it's a scientific fact that facial shape is linked to specific character traits:

You're a leader of the pack who inspires others to follow. Your positive, upbeat attitude is the source of your popularity. You also have an independent streak and trust your judgment.

You're a bundle of creative and artistic impulses, and you charm others with your imaginative ideas. Your generous spirit makes you the nurturing center of friends and family.

Heart Shaped
You have an indomitable zest for life, and you like to spread your joy to others. You care deeply for those less fortunate and enjoy working to improve your community.

You're the rock who holds your family together with a fierce loyalty and protective embrace. Your practical nature is displayed in an ability to always get the job done.

Your keen intuition makes you a splendid pal because you can understand and empathize with others. Your grace and refinement are based on self confidence in your abilities.

You have a optimistic disposition and believe you can conquer anything. Your decisive nature assures that you'll do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.


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