Kissing someone, especially for the first time, can unleash a torrent of butterflies that takes your breath away or stir up inner groans of revulsion. It's nature's way of helping us choose a partner -- either for the evening or a lifetime. Here are ten facts about kissing you may not have known, courtesy of Dr. Laura Berman:

1. Kissing is one of the few sexual acts that most of us have engaged in many times. A nationwide survey by Close-Up toothpaste found that the average woman kisses 17.5 men before settling down, while the average man kisses 24 women before choosing just one.

2. Girls report their first kiss happened at age 14, while boys are a bit slower and say their first kiss happened between the ages of 16 and 18.

3. Both men and women say their favorite kind of kiss is the French kiss.

4. The French kiss got its name in the English language in 1923, but the act of French kissing has been around long before France or anything French ever existed.

5. Many women will tell you that a kiss is the ultimate deal-breaker.

6. People in the Northwest United States exchange an average of 5.5 kisses a day, more than any other area of the country.

7. Those in the Northeast are the most confident of their kissing abilities.

8. Midwesterners are the most honest in their relationships and are most likely to confess when they have cheated and had a make-out session with someone else.

9. Kissing someone for more than one minute can burn as many as 25 calories.

10. Passionate kissing will not only help you unwind and relax, but also it can aid in boosting your immune system--and all without a doctor's prescription.


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