"Haunted House Offers $20,000 If You Can Make It Through!"
Truth! It's the McKamey Manor in Nashville and Huntsville. Unlike most traditional haunted houses, the actors are allowed to come into physical contact with participants, but the participants cannot return contact.

"New Classical Album Performed by Real Mummy!"
Trash! If one recorded, it most like would be wrap music.

"Joe Scarborough Calls Chants of Lock Him Up Directed at Trump UnAmerican!"
Truth! In a rare moment - Scarborough actually defended the president calling the chants directed at Trump at the World Series "sickening" and "un-American." He also said it was sickening and un-American when the same thing happens at Trump rallies.

"Real-life Wolfman Triggered by Drinking Beer!"
Trash! There was talk that he only turns into a monster while drinking a Blue Moon. Yeah, not true.

"Deer Attacks and Kills Hunter Who Shot Him!"
Truth! Happened in Arkansas. The hunter thought the deer was dead. He was wrong.

"Frustrated Vampire Forgets He's Wearing Invisalign!"
Trash! It was actually a night guard.

"Chicago Man Arrested for Smearing His Poop All Over Parked Cars!"
Truth! Sadly it is true. 46-year-old Ke Hu was arrested, then released on his own recognizance and placed on electronic home monitoring.

"Godzilla Doesn't Wear Clothes Because They All Have Holes In Them!"
Trash! But if that was true, you could probably blame Mothra.


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