• Amazon's Jeff Bezos is now the second richest man in the world, after Amazon stock slid. Back in the number one spot, Microsoft's Bill Gates.
  • Game 2 of the World Series set a record for the all-time lowest TV audience of a game 2.
  • Actress Felicity Huffman was released Friday from a federal prison in California after serving 11 days there for paying someone to fix her daughter's SAT exam, completing her two-week sentence two days early.
  • "Orange Is the New Black" star Laura Prepon announced on social media last week that she's expecting her second child with actor husband Ben Foster.
  • Enough people complained about a Halloween costume in Australia that Kmart had to remove it from their shelves. It was a bride costume for girls.
  • A couple of months after delivering her latest daughter, Keira Knightley has revealed her name: Delilah.
  • Jamie Foxx's latest dating partner is comedian Natalie Freidman.
  • Hawaii's Tulsi Gabbard was running for both president and her seat on congress. She's dropped out of the congressional race to focus on the big prize. By the way, they're now trying to spin that Hillary Clinton said that Republicans were trying get her to run as a third party candidate, not Russians.
  • In Arkansas, a deer hunter who went to investigate a deer he had shot was attacked by the animal who was still alive and the deer won.
  • Big 33rd birthday party for Drake last Wednesday night, which included a performance by Adele. Pretty much a who's who of music.
  • A Michigan court has ruled that tire rotations don't include tightening the lug nuts.
  • There's a Haunted House in Tennessee that requires signing a 40-page waiver, a doctor's note and a safe word. They claim it's the scariest Haunted House in the U.S.. and if you are brave enough to get through it without screaming out your safe word, you'll be awarded $20,000.
  • Apparently, there were problems on the set of Will and Grace. People noticed that Megan Mullaly and Debra Messing quit following each other on Instagram earlier this year. In fact, Mullaly also quit following co-star Sean Hayes. Well, the show is back on the air for its final season, but you will notice Mullaly's character Karen missing from a couple of episodes.
  • Helen Hunt is back to work on the reboot of "Mad About You" less than a week after an SUV she was in flipped over and crashed.
  • That Popeye's Chicken Sandwich that debuted in August and completely sold out in two weeks will return to the restaurant menu next month.
  • Chick-fil-A is doing quite well. The chain added about 1,000 locations and nearly tripled its sales over the last decade. With more than $10 billion in sales in 2018, the company has surpassed both Wendy's and Burger King to become the fifth largest fast food chain after McDonald's, Starbucks, Subway and Taco Bell.


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