• A recent survey found that 25% of people shop online while they're in a store.
  • Every hour, around 60,000 Americans are flying in a plane.
  • 76% of women say they are turned off when they see a dad who wears pleated pants.
  • Three fourths of us have a flashlight, but less than half of those don't work.
  • 53% of women and about one-third of men travel with their own pillows.
  • 27% of people in a recent survey said they spent over $200 on clothes, transportation and printing the last time they looked for a new job.
  • It's estimated that more than one in ten dogs has swallowed a shoelace.
  • Eight out of ten teenagers admit to having a curfew.
  • The average American family sends each other 10,000 texts a year. What's the #1 topic? Dinner plans.


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