Nearly four in 10 American adults who consume an alcoholic beverage several times a year or more choose beer (38 percent), followed by wine (31 percent) and spirits/liquor (28 percent), according to a Harris Poll of 2,148 U.S. adults ages 21 and over. Many of us enjoy all three types of alcoholic beverages, depending on the occasion, but even so we have a preferred drink -- the one we enjoy the most. "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy," quipped Benjamin Franklin. Facts to know and tell:

A cold brew is most favored among men (55 percent) and younger generations ages 21 to 54 (43 percent), as well as those living in the South (43 percent). Domestic non-craft beers are the most popular among beer drinkers (38 percent), followed by craft beer (29 percent) and imported beer (23 percent).

From chardonnay to zinfandel, wine is the preferred beverage among women (46 percent) and older adults age 65 and up (42 percent). In addition, wine is favored in high-income households (37 percent of those making $100,000+). Those who prefer wine say their favorite type is red (38 percent), followed by white (32 percent) and, more distantly, rose or blush (19 percent) and sparkling wine/champagne (10 percent). Men are significantly more likely than women to prefer red (49 percent vs. 34 percent).

The favorite liquor among spirit drinkers is vodka (29 percent), followed closely by whiskey (26 percent) and more distantly by rum (16 percent), tequila (8 percent) and cognac (7 percent). Men are significantly more likely than women to favor whiskey (40 percent vs. 14 percent), while women are twice as likely to choose vodka (38 percent vs. 19 percent).


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