Once upon a time, flying was fun. Or so we hear. If you want to make flying fun -- or at least more pleasant -- there are specific things you can do that will help transform the experience of jetting from one city to another. Five tips to get better treatment when you fly, according to the Washington Business Journal:

1. Stick with established airlines
Fly only on the big name airlines. You will not only have more flights from which to choose and more competitive ticket pricing, but also you will benefit from large hubs and abundant personal. Even better, choose one airline and stick with it as much as possible. Join the frequent flyer program. This will make you a high-value customer--and the flight crew will know that.

2. Join the airline club
Yes, it costs more money, but if you fly a lot, it is worth it. When a flight is delayed, you can spend that extra time in the club instead of fighting for one of the few unoccupied chairs in the terminal. You will not only be more relaxed and less stressed while waiting, but also you'll be more productive. In addition, airline clubs have their own agents, who can help you rebook your flight if necessary.

3. Dress well
Sure, it's more comfortable to fly in jeans and a T-shirt, but if you dress up -- a suit and tie for men, a dress or skirt for women -- it's a sign of respect. And the flight attendants will notice you and quite possibly give you more personal attention.

4. Upgrade your seat
Everyone -- and we mean everyone -- asks gate agents for a better seat. When you ask, be very polite and in your nicest voice say, "Can I improve my seat?" If it doesn't work, smile and say "Thank you."

5. Smile
While many of your fellow travelers will be grumpy as they glare at or ignore the flight crew, you can stand out with a simple smile. Show you have a good attitude by making eye contact and smiling. Flight attendants wear name tags. As you board the plane, look at the flight attendant's name tag and say hello by name.


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