Health magazine talked to radio host Celeste Headlee, author of "We Need to Talk: How to Have Conversations That Matter." "Studies how that talking to strangers actually makes your more positive," said Headlee, who shares some survival tips:

Play reporter
Most people love talking about themselves, "It activates the same pleasure centers in the brain as sex and cocaine," says Headlee., so ask your conversational partner about, say, her jewelry or cool haircut. "That can be your whole side of the conversation," says Headlee.

Skip the Power Poses
Ignore all the advice about how to arrange your body language so you look like you're paying attention, says Headlee. Instead, "actually pay attention and let your body do whatever it does naturally."

Don't underestimate yourself
Introverted? Good news, says Headlee: "Introverts are just as good at small talk as anybody else." In fact, she says, small talk is great for introverts because it's low-risk, no commitment. If someone doesn't respond? Simply excuse yourself and try someone else.


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