• According to Parents magazine, when adults were asked to recall the worst trouble they got into as kids, almost 40% said using BB guns.
  • 63% of people who like to vacation in the winter, said the boss calling would absolutely ruin their vacation.
  • A sleep study says if you have trouble sleeping you should wear sunglasses.
  • According to scientists, Daylight Savings Time, or turning the clock back and then forward, is a waste of time and bad for your health.
  • There are many more insurance claims in the summer by men, while women are better drivers than men during those months. It seems men have more accidents because they were ogling women while driving.
  • According to a recent study one in four couples sleep in separate bedrooms.
  • The average person sticks to a weight loss diet for only 19 days.
  • Every year 80,000 people are bitten by other people.
  • The average woman will buy 220 of these over the course of her life? Candles.


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