The average man has cried in public 14 times in his adult life. Their fathers cried an average of five times in their lives.

A new survey found the number one thing people want in their dream home is a bathroom in every bedroom.

Studies show wearing lavender or having a lavender air freshener will make people trust you.

People who lose their virginity at a relatively later age around 21 to 23 years old, are more likely to have problems with sexual dysfunction later in life.

67% of women have dumped a guy, because he did complained too much.

Blasting loud music is the most common beach & pool etiquette violation.

In a Men's Health survey, 7% of guys say, at one time or another, they owned a neon beer sign.

Their first wrinkle has made 28% of women cry.

Almost 20% of women have kept this a secret from their husbands. A fender bender.


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