How Bindi Irwin Is Honoring Her Late Father Steve Irwin at Her Wedding. Bindi Irwin has wedding planning on the mind. The daughter of the late Steve Irwin has been in total bridal mode after getting engaged nearly two months ago to her longtime love, Chandler Powell. In fact, she Recently teased her wedding gown on Instagram. "I said yes to the dress," she captioned her post over the weekend, alongside a photo that gave her 2.7 million followers a sneak peek of her design and a close-up of her massive diamond ring. Now, the 21-year-old Australian beauty is opening up about the special way she plans to make her late father and famed wildlife expert apart of her big day. "It's so important to include the people that can't be there with you," Bindi told E! News' Will Marfuggi. "So, on the day [of the wedding], I know that Robert [Irwin] is absolutely gonna walk me down the aisle and I think that's what would make dad happiest." While the newly engaged couple is taking things one step at a time, Bindi shared that kids are in her and Chandler's future. "One day we'll have a family," she said. "One day we'll have our own little wildlife warriors, but not yet." Back in July, the television personality shared the special announcement that she and Chandler were engaged. "July 24th 2019," she began her caption, alongside a romantic photo of her and her beau. "On my birthday I said 'yes' and 'forever' to the love of my life. Chandler, close to six years ago I fell in love with you and every day since has been a whirlwind of adventure and true happiness." She continued, "I'm so looking forwarding to spending our forever together as your wife. Here's to a lifetime of friendship, purpose and unconditional love. Now let's get married already!" While the two haven't set a wedding date, they are certainly in planning mode. "Wedding planning is in full swing for us and it has been an amazing whirlwind," she shared on Instagram earlier this month. "We're looking forward to celebrating our wedding day next year at Australia Zoo." The couple will have "family, friends and lots of gorgeous animals" on their big day, according to the 21-year-old conservationist. It's only a matter of time before the two lovebirds exchange their vows and become husband and wife. (Eonline)

Adele Fans Are Freaking Out Over Her Rumored Romance With Skepta. Rumor has it...Adele has a new man in her life! Two weeks after the superstar singer officially filed for a divorce from husband Simon Konecki, she's being linked to British rapper Skepta, reports U.K.'s Mirror. According to the outlet, Adele and Skepta have been supporting each other following their recent splits. "They have a close bond and there's definitely a special connection," a source told the publication. "They're spending more and more time together." The fellow Brits have actually been friends for quite some time now. Back in 2016, the "Greaze Mode" rapper opened up about his friendship with Adele in an interview with ES Magazine. "Adele texts me all the time and keeps me in check," he admitted. "She speaks to me about how things are going." Now, as the rumors circulate, Adele fans are taking to social media to totally lose their cool over this potential budding romance. "When Adele said never mind, I'll find Someone Like You, I had no idea she meant Skepta," one Twitter user wrote. Chimed in another, "If Adele and Skepta are dating, are we looking at Adepta or Skedele?" Meanwhile others took a look back at his dating history, which includes Naomi Campbell. "Skepta has dated both Adele and Naomi Campbell," one fan tweeted." Weighed in another, "Damn I ship Skepta and Adele if true but reeealllllyy shipped Skepta and Naomi." Overall, the Internet? -- and us too? -- really hope she'll channel this new relationship into upcoming music. Or perhaps, they duo will even collaborate. As one user put it, "We ain't ready for the fire if Adele and Skepta do a collab." (Eonline)

Ruby Rose Recalls Emergency Surgery After Batwoman Stunt Left Her Close to Paralyzed. Playing a superhero seems like the ultimate job, but Ruby Rose says that there's a lot more to the role than meets the eye. For the CW's latest action show Batwoman, the actress stars as the titular hero -- and revealed filming was more physically demanding than she ever imagined. "I did a stunt, and for, like, a very extended amount of time, like, seven hours," she recalled on Monday night's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "We thought that I had broke a rib or just fractured a rib and that it was, like, 6 to 12 weeks of healing. So, then I had 6 to 12 weeks of chronic pain and just sort of kept assuming that was what it was." Finally, a doctor explained that the pain she was experiencing was actually coming from her neck and that her injuries were more severe than she had realized. Later, an MRI revealed that she had two herniated discs in her spine and that she could become paraplegic if her injury wasn't treated immediately. "It was really, really terrifying," explaining that her spine was on the verge of severing at any moment. "Even just, like, sleeping wrong, or you know, moving my head in a strange direction." The Orange is the New Black star says that she ignored the signs that her health was in jeopardy, listing "weird things" like losing mobility in her arms and not being able to pick things up as symptoms she experienced. She finally got surgery on her spine and said that she was back to work 10 days after the procedure. Rose explained that the recovery process wasn't easy and that it left her feeling "depressed," but looks back at this challenging time with a new mindset because of how it helped her appreciate her health. "I wasn't paying attention to my body," she said. "I wasn't listening. I was in such a hurry to get things done. It was like, 'Batwoman, yes! And, now I'm going to do this film. I'm going to come back, we're going to pick up the series... ' I think [the injury] was the world's way of saying, 'You're going to have to pay attention and you're gonna have to slow down -- and you're not actually a superhero." (Eonline)

The tattoo artist responsible for inking up almost the entire side of Aaron Carter's face claims he tried to talk him out of it, but the singer insisted ... and he actually wanted more. Herchell Carrasco -- known as RockRollG -- tells TMZ ... he booked a tat session with Carter at his home Friday for $3k, but nothing really went according to plan. Herchell says he thought he was going to be adding more art to Aaron's torso -- there was no talk of a face tattoo -- but once Carter got the idea for Medusa ... everything snowballed. Carrasco tells us Aaron knew he had experience doing face tattoos -- including some on Tekashi 6ix9ine's forehead shortly before he was arrested -- so Aaron got revved up for him to tat up his mug too ... RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. Herchell says he and Aaron settled for the side of the face, and he even tried to talk him out of that ... but he says Carter knew what he wanted and ultimately, it's up to the client what they want to do. Carrasco adds, "Before I tattoo anyone, I take into consideration their mental state ... in Aaron's case, I assessed the situation and I genuinely felt he was in a good place mentally to get tattooed." We're told they initially used Rihanna's 2013 Medusa-inspired cover photo for GQ magazine as a guide for a stencil drawing, but then Aaron wanted the pic as his actual tattoo ... so Carrasco reluctantly obliged. He tells us he did the large tattoo but Aaron wasn't satisfied -- he also wanted "Love" inked under his eye ... because he told Carrasco that's his brand right now. After Herchell added a crescent moon tattoo on the other side of Aaron's face, he tells us he told Aaron he was done for the day. He says, "[Carter] wanted to keep going and I had to stop him. I couldn't cover his whole face in a tattoo. I just couldn't." The good news -- for Carrasco -- he tells us Aaron ended up paying him $5k ... so a whopping 2 grand more than they agreed upon. Also, he knows what people are thinking, and says Carter was only smoking cigarettes and weed throughout the day ... he didn't see him using any other drugs. He says he was in a good state of mind the whole time, and as we reported ... Aaron looks like he's having fun with his fresh face of art. (TMZ)

Actress Sienna Miller says fallen movie mogul Harvey Weinstein reduced her to tears when she was a young star -- lecturing her about her partying before slamming a door in her face, according to a new interview. "He called me in to his office -- he had just bought [2006's Factory Girl]," the British actor told Elle UK, referencing the biographical film on 1960s socialite Edie Sedgwick in which Miller played the titular role. "He sat me down, stood up, and said, 'You're not partying anymore,'" Miller continued, according to the UK Independent. Miller likened the encounter to a father lecturing his daughter. "It felt like a paternal lecture," she said. "He slammed the door and I burst into tears." The Miramax co-founder, 67, has been accused of sexually harassing dozens of women over decades as one of the most powerful men in Hollywood -- his case sparking the #MeToo movement. Weinstein is set to stand trial in Manhattan Supreme Court in Jan. on rape charges -- he has denied all the allegations against him. Miller, 37, endorsed the #MeToo movement, telling Elle: "Women have been undermined and undervalued." "That this is happening is essential," the New York-born actress said. (Page Six)

Stacey Dash says her husband and his 3 kids conspired to have her arrested ... to cover up her husband's alleged brutality. TMZ broke the story ... Stacey called 911 Sunday, claiming her husband put her in a chokehold. When cops came out, they observed scratches on husband Jeffrey Marty's arms -- this, along with statements from his kids, got her cuffed and booked for assault. Stacey says in the 911 call Jeffrey coached his 15, 14 and 10-year-old on what to say to cops. At one point, Stacey accuses Marty of faking his injuries, claiming he was taking photos of scratches on his arms ... scratches she didn't inflict. Dash also tells the dispatcher Marty is an attorney so he knows exactly what to tell his "awful children" to say to the police. She says the kids call her "bitch" and she makes it clear ... getting the kids to gang up on her was an easy proposition. TMZ broke the story, Stacey was arrested Sunday in Pasco County, Florida after a domestic dispute with Marty. The couple got hitched a little over a year ago, he's Dash's 4th hubby. In footage from the arrest, a visibly upset Dash can be heard telling her arresting officer she was an actress in "Clueless" as well as a commentator for Fox News. (TMZ)

Grammy award-winning artist Louie Rankin -- famous for his role as Ox in the movie "Belly" -- died in a car crash in Canada ... TMZ has confirmed. Details are scarce, but Louie died Monday in a fatal wreck in Ontario, Canada ... the crash reportedly involved a transport truck and another vehicle. Louie starred alongside Nas and DMX in the 1998 crime drama "Belly" ... and his character, Ox, was a Jamaican kingpin. Nas and Louie became close friends during filming, and the pair reunited years later for a cameo in a DJ Khaled music video for his song, "Nas Album Done." His other acting credits include 2002's "Shottas" and 2014's "We Run These Streets." Born and raised in Jamaica, Louie was also a Jamaican dancehall and reggae artist ... and he released a huge single in 1992 called "Typewriter," which won a Grammy. Louie often referred to himself in his lyrics as the "Original Don Dada." RIP. UPDATE: A few more details and actual photos of the car crash that killed Louie Rankin have emerged, and sadly ... it sounds like the collision killed him instantly. Authorities in Ontario say Rankin's vehicle somehow crashed with a transport truck on Highway 89, between Country Road 12 and the 4th Line. Rankin was pronounced dead at the scene, while the truck driver suffered no physical injuries. Based on a photo of the car wreck, obtained by TMZ, the passenger vehicle is completely torn to shreds. Cops are still investigating the exact cause of the collision, though. (TMZ)


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