"This Year's Hottest Halloween Costume is President Pence!"
Trash! Although the concept scares a lot of Democrats.

"Man Who Gave the World Labradoodles Says It's His Life's Regret!"
Truth! Wally Conron, the man who invented it all those years ago, says he "opened a Pandora's Box and released a Frankenstein's monster." The problem? "Unethical, ruthless" breeders who only care about "big bucks," and don't put the dogs' health first.

"New Pumpkin Spice After Shave The New Trend!"
Trash! Why would I want to smell like my latte?

"Plane Makes Emergency Landing for Passenger Stuck in Bathroom!"
Truth! A United Airlines jet had to make an emergency landing in Denver. Passengers said the poor woman was trapped about an hour, and was embarrassed but unharmed when five firefighters and a mechanic eventually freed her.

"New World Record for 48-inch Long Nail Extensions!"
Truth! Florida artist Odilon Ozare did it. He also holds the world record for tallest hat at 15-feet, 9-inches tall set in 2018.

"White House Whistle Blower To Audition on America's Got Talent!"
Trash! About a minute's worth of whistle blowing and you're done.

"Amazon Experimenting with Zombies Who Deliver!"
Trash! It was talked about at a meeting, but no one was dying to do it.

"New Study Proves Winning Lottery Does Make You Happy!"
Truth! Yep - the study from University of Warwick economists confirms it. Believe it or not, prior studies actually said winners were not really any happier than losers. What?


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